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Relieve Psychological Pressure
Nowadays, with fierce competition in the study, a lot of students suffer from great mental pressure. Due to it, the Students' Union will hold a Psychological Health Week next week, the theme of which is "How to Relieve Psychological Pressure".
In Psychological Health Week, there will be various activities. A lecture given by a psychology professor on how to deal with the pressure of study will provide us with professional psychological guidance. There will also be a talent show to ease students' anxious feelings. In addition, a debate on "Pressure, Good or Bad?" will be expected among the students.
I firmly believe the psychological health is of great significance for everyone and Psychological Health Week is really beneficial to our mental health.
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad
In recent years,studying abroad has become a trend. Numerous Chinese students have gone to foreign countries for further study.Meanwhile, there are many who are striking for an international education.
There are several advantages to studying abroad. Firstly, living in a foreign country can improve one's language proficiency due to a better language environment. Secondly, if we explore a new country at the same time as picking up skills, we will probably gain a decent job after graduation. Thirdly, the experience of living abroad means meeting a diverse range of people, which gives us a more in-depth knowledge of other cultures as well as a good opportunity to spread our own culture.
However, there are some drawbacks. Most of the students are too young and dependent to live by themselves without any living experience. Also, being in a far-off country, they may easily feel lonely and homesick. Besides, tuition and living expenses are much higher than studying in domestic schools.
An Introduction to your City 介绍你所在的城市
Our city is a new and developing city and was built at the beginning of the 1980s.
The infrastructure for water, gas, electricity and other energy in this area is complete and sufficient. From here one can travel to any place by sea, by air or by land. And there is a highway leading to the capital, Beijing. Besides, there are many other advantages for the investors. For example, the areas around this city are rich in natural resources. The atmosphere is very nice. The most important thing is that the government of this city supports foreign investors in many aspects.
In a sentence, this city is filled with enthusiasm and vigour. It is a good place for investors.
Dear doctors and nurses,
I am Li Hua, a senior high school student in Xinhua High School. I am writing, on behalf of all the students and teachers in our school, to express my gratitude to all the medical workers for your efforts in defeating the COVID-19 pandemic.
During the outbreak of the COVID-19, it was you who gave up the opportunity to take vacations and reunite with families, and went to the places where the epidemic was most severe to save patients regardless of your own safety. When I heard that many medical workers themselves have been infected while delivering medical care to the patients, I couldn't help crying.
We believe that through our joint efforts, we will win the battle against the COVID-19 in the near future. Thank you again for your devotion and sacrifice!
Good luck and stay well.
Yours,Li Hua
Dear Henry,
Garbage Sorting Dear Henry, I'm delighted to answer your questions on garbage sorting and give more details based on my experience.
Garbage sorting is to separate waste into different categories, mainly wet or dry. It's commonly applied in major cities and can be seen as a critical part of the whole process of garbage recycling. To realize environmental sustainability, garbage sorting is a necessity.
First of all, waste sorting regulations are needed and communities should be provided with necessary instructions and facilities. Secondly, citizens should be fully informed of garbage sorting knowledge so as to improve the efficiency in the whole process.
Finally, only when the whole society is mobilized can we truly bring some positive changes and build an environment-friendly society. So education will be very important. Hope with our joint efforts, our city can become a better home.
Yours, Li Hua
垃圾分类是将废弃物分为不同类别,大体分为湿垃圾或干垃圾。主要的城市里普遍实行了垃 圾分类,它可视为垃圾回收整个过程中的关键部分。为了实现环境的可持续性,必须进行垃 圾分类。
首先,需要制定明确的垃圾分类规则,并且为社区提供垃圾分类所需的指导和设施。其次, 还应充分告知市民有关垃圾分类的知识,以提高整个过程的效率。最后,只有动员起整个社 会,我们才能真正带来积极的改变,以建设环境友好型社会。因此,教育非常重要。
Dear Peter,
In order to cope with the situation that students cannot attend classes offline caused by COVID-19, a new teaching method -- online teaching emerged at the right moment.
Teachers who become the "anchor" teach us by using online meeting Apps such as Zoom and Tencent Meeting. As for me, I think this teaching method is lively, and it can greatly stimulate my interest in learning.However, there are downsides to online courses. For example, without the teacher's supervision and peer pressure, our study efficiency may reduce.
All in all, online teaching not only satisfies the need for education but also keeps the students and teachers safe during this special period of time. It's a sign of scientific and technological progress. Looking forward to your reply.
Yours, Li Hua
成为“主播”的老师们通过使用 Zoom 和腾讯会议等在线会议软件给我们上课。对我来说, 我觉得这种教学方法很生动,可以极大地激发我的学习兴趣。但是网络课程也有不足之处。例如,没有老师的监督和同侪压力,我们的学习效率可能会降低。

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